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itvdn.png ITVDN - IT Video Developer Network


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  • Solution:
  • eLearning e-Commerce Web Portal
  • Technologies:
  • .NET HTML5 Azure Media Services Silverlight Flash

Description: Platform for the organization of video training is built on the basis of Microsoft Azure Media Services. The solution allows controlling complete studying process - from obtaining materials and watching video lessons to testing and consulting after completing course.

  • Organization of video storage on Azure Media Services, content management.
  • Encoding of video IIS Smooth streaming.
  • Providing high level of security for the protection of copyright and prevent the possibility to download video file from server.
  • System for testing on completion of training
  • The algorithm for determining current level of student to propose best way of further studying.

Technology Review: The solution is designed with the .NET Framework and ASP.NET MVC 4 on the server side. The client side is developed with HTML5 and CSS3, For ITVDN was implemented two versions of the mediaplayers , the Silverlight and Flesh. In addition, was done a lot of work to perform search engine optimization for pages with video lessons and materials catalogs.