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A Sales Representative at Cbsystematics Development is responsible for serving customers in his or her area. It includes visiting various events on a regular basis, as well as taking a row of marketing efforts:

  • Marketing research in your region, identifying new trends
  • Being a part of the sales team to meet the needs of the customers in your market
  • Holding events and meetings with the potential customers
  • Providing weekly/monthly reports on your performance

To ensure comfortable cooperation, we provide our partners with:

  • Free trainings and consulting services
  • Package of marketing materials for the company introduction
  • Participation in B2B, B2C events: exhibitions, conferences, and seminars
  • Budgeting for participation in the marketing events in your region
  • Landing page on our website in the language of your region
  • SIP phone for enhanced communication with us
  • Support of our marketing team at any convenient for you time
  • All the obligations from our part discussed in the partnership agreement

Interested in becoming a sales representative? Get in touch with our marketing team to discuss in detail!

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