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Dear sirs,
Our company owns CyberBionic Systematics Educational Center on the basis of which we teach and consult developers of other companies to build sustainable information systems and system design. Our students have opportunity of practice in real projects and work in the research center. We use a scientific approach to grow developers that could analyze the specific of each project, and not just be the code writers.

CyberBionic Systematics Eductional Center is an Authorized Prometric testing center for IT specialists since August 2012 and provides a full range of preparation, testing and certification programs of leading IT companies - Microsoft, Oracle, Intel, SUN Microsystems, Linux Professional Institute, Adobe, 3Com, Citrix, CompTIA, Dell, EMC, Hewlett-Packard, IBM, Novell and others.

The most valuable for us is the recommendation by Leszek Maciaszek Leszek Maciaszek, Professor of Australian University Macquarie University.

About Leszek Maciaszek

Associate Professor of Macquarie University (Sydney, Australia), specializing in computer technology. He is a research consultant, mainly on the development and implementation of enterprise application software, databases, and object-oriented technology. Author of “Reguirements Analysis and System Design. Developing Information Systems with UML”.

Dear CyberBionic students,

In today’s world we observe continuous growth of IT companies, growing complexity of software and high technology-driven competition. In this context, the methods, processes and tools of systems analysis and design are especially important and will become even more important in the future as software systems get constructed from components and services rather than programmed in-house. More and more often the effective source of software solutions comes from experienced business analysts, system architects, developers, IT managers, etc. rather than just from programmers coding algorithms and data.

This new course, based on my book “Requirements Analysis and System Design”, introduces complete methodology of informational systems development, it concentrates on the systems analysis and design phases, and it allows organizing acquired knowledge and using it prudently.

I believe that this course will be very helpful for large spectrum of IT specialists.

Good luck,

Leszek A. Maciaszek