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  • Solution:
  • Business Intelligence CRM
  • Technologies:
  • C# SQL SharePoint

Description: This solution was developed in partnership with Microsoft Ukraine as one of the components of the electronic control system for schools. System requirements and detailed description of process was obtained from several schools and high schools. The project entitled SchoolBox been completely designed and implemented by Cbsystematics Development and it is fully consistent with the educational process of the modern school.

  • Schedule planning.
  • Planning teacher schedule.
  • Pupils and parents database.
  • eStudentsBook.
  • Achievement alert system for parents.
  • Personal page for pupils.
  • Web class rooms for classes where you can lay out the learning activities, check homework and lead discussion.
  • Web portal for the school bulletin board, news, calendar of events and general school records.

Technology Review: This solution is based on Microsoft SharePoint platform. Individual components of system were created with ASP.NET WebParts technology and C# language.