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Testing system for graduates of Ukrainian schools

cts.png Testing system for graduates of Ukrainian schools


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  • Solution:
  • Testing System
  • Technologies:
  • C# Azure Web Services

Description: Commissioned by the Ministry of Education of Ukraine Cbsytematics Development was involved into process of system creation for high school graduates. In addition Cbsytematics Development take part in administrative support and reporting. One of the system requirements - high capacity, since the test was performed at the same time for all Ukrainian schools and the web services simultaneously access 150,000 users.

  • The user interface for the registration of schools, students and teachers.
  • Mechanism for testing and solving practical problems.
  • Mechanism for examine results of solved practical problems.
  • System to generate reports for the Ministry of Education and notification mechanism for students and teachers.

Technology Review: Microsoft Azure was chosen as a main platform to provide appropriate scalability level. All test results are stored in SQL Azure. Special scripts developed for creating several of reports for governance.